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Dietary Services

Dinig Hall The Nutrition and Food Service Department is committed to providing quality food and nutritional services as an integral component of the care of our residents.

The Windermere recognizes that each resident
is unique with individual likes and dislikes and attempt to meet each resident's personal preferences, religious practices and cultural customs where possible. Consideration of resident preferences and maintenance or enhancement of the health and well being
of our residents is our main goal.

Windermere's Dietitians provide Clinical Nutrition Services with therapeutic meal plans based on Canada's Food Guide and provincial regulations. Quality and variety is provided through our five week seasonal menu cycle. You can view a one week sample of our Spring and Summer 2015 and Fall and Winter 2014/15 menus. Please note that Adobe Reader software to view the menu files.

Meals and afternoon tea are served in our Main Floor Dining Room or in our satellite dining areas that are staffed and equipped to meet the needs of residents requiring additional assistance. Mealtime can also be a social time, and residents can invite guests to join them for tea or a guest meal, which is available at a reasonable cost, in our Main Floor Dining Room.

If you have any questions regarding your dietary needs or Windermere's nutrition and food services, contact the .



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